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Few Cities in the World have the power to attract and motivate a casual visitor to move there permanently. Bangalore is one of those rare cities which makes people who are new to the City to call themselves proud Bangaloreans

Bangalore, a real cool place on Planet Earth is the capital of Karnataka, a major state in the southern part of India. It is indeed cool - the people, the place and of course the weather. This website is dedicated to Bangalore and its cool people.

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Bengaluru - The Startup Capital
BLush green gardens, complacent weather, vintage coffee houses like Koshy’s are some of the key things that are usually tagged along with Bangalore. However, over the last few years, the term startups has also become synonymous with Bangalore.

Bangalore or rather Karnataka has been showered with attention from large MNCs, VC funds and startup talent over the last couple of years. The city, which is home to headquarters of successful homegrown companies like Infosys, Biocon also houses the best of the startup names like Flipkart, Ola Cabs and a zillion of other names. However, data also suggests that the NCR region has raced past Bangalore in 2015 in terms of number of companies being founded. CLICK TO READ MORE......

Bengaluru's Green Cover Gets Protection Of Its Citizens
People in Central Bengaluru are campaigning to save trees marked to be felled for a new road project. Bearing messages of 'saving me is saving you', people on Friday hugged the trees to keep authorities away from uprooting them.

The state government's project TenderSURE aims to have levelled and wide footpaths with underground ducts for utility services. But activists argue government's claim of it being a pedestrian friendly initiative.

One of the campaigners, Vinay K Sreenivasa of NGO Hasiru Usiru told a TV News channel, "This project, which was promoted as pedestrian friendly project, seeks to remove the most pedestrian friendly object on the road - trees." CLICK TO READ MORE......

Godrej plans township in Bengaluru
Godrej Properties Ltd, a listed company in the Godrej group, is planning to develop a residential township near Sarjapur in East Bengaluru.

This would be its second such project since 2009 in the country. It has already entered into a partnership with Godrej Agrovet.

“We are planning this project with our sister concern,” Mr. Sriram Iyer, Business Head, South & East, GPL said in an e-mail interview to a Chennai based Newspaper. The proposed township would have a ‘developable’ potential of up to 830,000square metres (or about 9 million square feet) and would be implemented as a modern residential development in multiple phases, he said.

The location is seen to be well-connected to the key IT hubs of Whitefield, Outer Ring Road and Electronic City, enabling it to benefit from a well-developed social and physical infrastructure. “This makes it a self-sustaining cluster,” Mr. Iyer said.

The project would be developed under the Development Management Model with Godrej Agrovet.

He said that its first township project in Ahmedabad in 2009, Godrej Garden City, was a mix of commercial, residential and retail properties. In the 1990s , the group did several large projects which were primarily residential with a small retail component catering to the residents’ requirement. CLICK TO READ MORE......

How One Bangalore Based Organisation Is Working Tirelessly to Provide Blind Students with Braille Books
While there are many schools for educating blind people, very few equip them with the skills that would enable them to contribute to the economy of the country. Mitra Jyothi, a 26-year-old organisation based in Bangalore, works exclusively on this issue.

According to them, there are an estimated 45 million blind people in the world, out of which one in three live in India. This would mean around 15 million blind people across the country. CLICK TO READ MORE...............

Bengaluru ges Bangalored
Monday's (Sept 12) violence put Namma Bengaluru on the world map for a different reason. Global media saw it as a precursor to 'water wars', or a powder keg waiting to explode — putting the city's business credibility at risk.

The advent of the 21st century turned Bangalore into a verb; everyone, it seemed, was getting Bangalored - their plush US jobs shifting to Bangalore as economics and talent tipped in our favour. The going was good, the money was better, nobody could be bothered about the creaking infrastructure, and the weather made you forgive everything.

And then 9/12 happened.

"Getting Bangalored" has acquired a whole new meaning in the aftermath of Monday's riots. Brand Bengaluru has taken a hit among Fortune 500 companies and there are fears that the fight over Cauvery between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka will become a frequent flashpoint. CLICK TO READ.............

How to save Bengaluru's lakes
A.N. Yellappa Reddy, former forest officer and environmentalist; Vinay Baindur, a researcher on Urban Governance and Reforms, and citizen activist Arbind Gupta joined The Hindu for a chat on saving Bengaluru's lakes on September 24, 2016. The following is the transcipt of the chat:

6:01 The Hindu: With the city and the state staring at a water crisis in the coming days, there is perhaps no better time to look at lakes in the city than now. Lakes (Hesaraghatta, for instance) had once been the lifeline of the city – and most of our drinking water came from a system of tanks conceived centuries ago. Now, however, many are reduced to cesspools of sewage, or their peripheries littered with garbage, or filled with silt reducing any chance of these water bodies recharging the depleting groundwater. Also, apart from affecting citizens directly, unhealthy lakes also seen flora and fauna of the ecosystem disappearing. CLICK TO READ MORE...............