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Few Cities in the World have the power to attract and motivate a casual visitor to move there permanently. Bangalore is one of those rare cities which makes people who are new to the City to call themselves proud Bangaloreans

Bangalore, a real cool place on Planet Earth is the capital of Karnataka, a major state in the southern part of India. It is indeed cool - the people, the place and of course the weather. This website is dedicated to Bangalore and its cool people.

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Bengaluru creates another 'green corridor' for live heart transport
In what is becoming the norm for Bengaluru police, another 'green corridor' was created for safe transportation of the live heart of a brain dead person from MS Ramaiah Hospital in North Bengaluru to BGS Global Hospital in Kengeri.

The patient reported to be 21, had met with an accident near Jalahalli on January 1st and declared brain dead the next day. The authorities at MS Ramaiah Hospital had spoken to the family members about possible organ donations.

As reported in TOI, a matching recipient was found in BGS global hospital, where a 29 year old man, suffering from cardiac ailment had registered with Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka seeking heart transplant.

The 30 km route was completed in 15 minutes thanks to the preparedness of the police.

In December the police had created another 'green corridor' for safe transportation of the heart on a two years ten months old brain dead child which was taken from Manipal Hospital here to a Chennai hospital to transplant it to a child there.

Infrastructure support for less developed areas in Bengaluru
Substantial infrastructure support is to be provided by the Karnataka government to less industrially developed areas as part of a plan to decongest Bangalore.

This was announced in the new industrial policy (2014-19), which Chief Minister Siddaramaiah launched on Friday. Towards promoting areas, beyond Bangalore, “it is proposed to notify potential areas as Special Investment Regions (SIRs) to provide substantial infrastructure support.” Dharwad, Gadgag, Haveri and Belgaum districts is to be notified as one such SIR area.

The Hyderabad Karnataka region will get additional incentives and concessions. In addition, the State government “will prevail upon the Centre to offer incentives” such as excise duty and income tax exemption to the backward region, something similar to what is being given to Andhra Pradesh. The region “needs special focus with funds for development,” the policy said.

Towards simplification of regulatory procedures, the policy said a comprehensive study of such procedures will be conducted by the State government. This intent is to reduce time and cost of compliance to government procedures for industrial investments. Also, it is proposed to abolish trade licence to all industries.

Nano park coming up in Bengaluru
A Rs. 100-crore nano park, complete with an incubation centre and an institute for nano science, will take shape on the outskirts of Bengauru. It is being funded by the Union government’s Nano Mission, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced here on Thursday.

Inaugurating the two-day Bangalore India Nano 2013, Mr. Siddaramaiah said the State had provided 14 acres of land on Tumkur Road for the park, which is meant to catalyse new businesses and innovators.

He invited nanotechnology industries and entrepreneurs from India and abroad to set up their businesses in the park.

The Chief Minister urged scientists to use nanotechnology — the science of ultra-small materials one-millionth of a millimetre — to solve common problems, and said the State will consider increasing the outlay for nanotech and other science initiatives. “I call upon scientists to come up with tangible nanotechnology-based solutions for food security, energy, water purification, medicine and healthcare as well as waste management,” Mr. Siddaramaiah said, while addressing several hundred scientists, academics and entrepreneurs. Sir Andre Geim, joint Nobel Prize 2010 winner for his research in nano carbon called grapheme, was among the key people present at the event.

C.N.R. Rao, the force behind the event and Honorary President of the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, said two of the top national institutions to have contributed to nanoscience and technology, namely the Indian Institute of Science and JNCASR, are both in Bangalore.

He called for continued funding of nano science, a difficult and complicated area for research.

Bengaluru population booms to 96 lakh
The population of Bangalore grew by about 30 lakh in 10 years, but its social indicators nosedived. The Primary Abstract of the Census of India 2011, released on Thursday, puts the city's population at 96,21,551 — a growth of 47.18% during 2001-2011.

The city has the lowest sex ratio of 916 women to 1,000 men, while Udupi has the highest: 1,094.

Bangalore also has the lowest work participation rate (WPR) among women, and ranks 14th in the state's 30 districts child sex ratio.

Only 24 women out of 100 in Bangalore go to work. Chitradurga has the highest WPR of 41.9. Of the 96.21 lakh populace, only 11.31 lakh women were found employed for a year before the enumeration was done on March 1, 2011.

BIA's T1 comes to Bengaluru
Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) is bringing the airport experience to the city, leveraging technology to present a preview of the soon-to-be-inaugurated T1A to citizens.

A press release from the BIAL said that starting Thursday, Bangaloreans are experiencing first-of-its-kind and a unique preview of the airport with its new features, services and facilities. All this through vehicles fitted with state-of-the-art Glasstrons and photoboxi that will travel across the city to experience and share a truly inclusive partnership between the city and the airport.

GV Sanjay Reddy, managing director, BIAL, said: “True to our roots in the IT city, we felt that the best way to share the new infrastructure with all Bangaloreans was through technology. The preview provides a glimpse into the exciting new features and facilities at the airport and is in line with our objective to bring the airport closer to the city that we serve. We encourage citizens to be the first in experiencing their airport.”

Three vehicles will tour different spots in the city each day. To participate in the campaign, people need to watch out for the ‘Smile Bengaluru’ vehicle, which will be in their area as per a predetermined schedule. People can also follow the ‘SmileBengaluru’ hashtag (#SmileBengaluru) on Twitter to share their experiences.