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WiFi Hotspots

WiFi is a term for certain types of wireless local area networks (WLAN) that use specifications conforming to IEEE 802.11b.

Short for Wireless Fidelity and is meant to be used generically when referring of any type of 802.11 network, whether 802.11b, 802.11a, dual-band, etc. Any products tested and approved as "Wi-Fi Certified" (a registered trademark) by the Wi-Fi Alliance are certified as interoperable with each other, even if they are from different manufacturers. A user with a "Wi-Fi Certified" product can use any brand of access point with any other brand of client hardware that also is certified. Typically, however, any Wi-Fi product using the same radio frequency (for example, 2.4GHz for 802.11b or 11g, 5GHz for 802.11a) will work with any other, even if not "Wi-Fi Certified."

WiFi has gained acceptance in many environments as an alternative to a wired LAN. Many airports, hotels, and other services offer public access to WiFi networks so people can log onto the Internet and receive emails on the move. These locations are known as hotspots.

And Bangalore is not far behind. Bangalore's tech edge is set to get sharper as city officials turn it into one giant wireless hotspot. WiFi hotspots are common in many cities. Bangalore itself has 200 of them in star hotels, coffee shops, malls and the airport lobby.Check the listing below for a hotspot near you. But now the government in association with Intel has started a project that will spread the wireless mesh all across the city. Bangalore has also joined the elite club of cities enjoying high-speed wireless Internet services, popularly called WiMAX.

Aircel Business Solutions (ABS) launched the WiMAX service in the city on 18 January 2008. Base stations (towers) have been set up at Electronics City, Airport Road, St. John's Road, Jayanagar, Rajajinagar and Koramangala, each covering a radius of 5 km to 6 km. More will come up shortly.

What this means is anybody with a laptop could get internet access not only in a wifi-enabled mall or coffee shop but even while sitting on a bench in a public park. It can transform the city with homes, offices, schools, shops and public areas getting a broadband service as soon as there is hardware to access it.

Passengers waiting to board trains at the Bangalore City railway station can now look forward to spending their time more productively.

The station will soon become perhaps the first wi-fi enabled railway station in the country. Tata Group company VSNL is all ready to start operating a cyber café on the main concourse from the entrance of the railway station providing facilities such as Internet, audio/video chatting, Internet telephony, gaming, scanning, printing, photocopying, faxing and video-conferencing. Passengers can even charge their mobile phones from the kiosk.

WiFi Hotspot Location Hotspot Address Phone Wireless Networks
100 Ft. Boutique 28 Indiranagar 25277752 SIFY Wi-Zone
Amoeba Sports Bar Airport Road 25211234 SIFY Wi-Zone
Bayleaf 28 Koramangala SIFY Wi-Zone
Casa Piccola Indiranagar 25258823 SIFY Wi-Zone
Casa Piccola Kormangala 25539333 SIFY Wi-Zone
Casa Piccola Residency Road 22212907 SIFY Wi-Zone
Casa Piccola Cunningham Road SIFY Wi-Zone
Central Park Dickenson Road 25584242 SIFY Wi-Zone
Curzon Court Brigade Road 25581698 SIFY Wi-Zone
Hotel Atria Palace Road 22205205 SIFY Wi-Zone
Hotel Ivory Tower MG Road 25589333 SIFY Wi-Zone
IIM-Bangalore Bannerghatta SIFY Wi-Zone
Indscape 598 11th Cross- JP Nagar III Phase 26595402 Boingo,iPass,Pronto
Infantry Court Infantry Road SIFY Wi-Zone
ITPL Whitefields SIFY Wi-Zone
Karnataka Golf Association Airport Road, 23440398 SIFY Wi-Zone
Luncheon Cafe
Dickenson Road 25597955 SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Acropolis Hosur Road SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Blue Chip Hosur Road SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige CentrePoint Cunningham Road SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Craig House MG Road SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Elgin Hosur Road SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Four Seasons MG Road SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Greenwoods CV Raman Nagar, SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Lake Vista Whitefield Road, SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Landleigh Whitefields SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Opal Whitefields SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Poseidon Whitefields SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Regent Place Whitefields SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Regent Place Gold Whitefields SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Sapphire Jayanagar SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Terminus 1 Vimanapura SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Terminus 2 Vimanapura SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Terraces Union Street SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Towers Residency Road SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Tudor Court Lavelle Road SIFY Wi-Zone
Prestige Waterford M G Road SIFY Wi-Zone
Richmond Hotel Richmond Road SIFY Wi-Zone
Royal Orchid Airport Road SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Airport Road SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Arakere Main Road SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Banashankari SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Banaswadi Main Road SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Bannerghatta SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Basavanagudi SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Basaveshwaranagar SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay BRL Main Road SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay BTM Layout SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Chamrajapet SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Chandra Layout SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Cooke Town SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Cunningham Road SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Ejipura SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Gedlehalli SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Hosakerehalli SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Hosur Main Road SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay HSR Layout SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Indiranagar SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Jayanagar SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Jivambhima Nagar SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay J P Nagar SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Koramangala SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay KumaraPark West SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Langford Gardens SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Madiwala SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Malleshwaram SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Marthahalli SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Mathikere SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Nagarbhavi SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay N R Colony SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Old Madras Road SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Padmanabhanagar SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Prashantha Nagar SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Rajaji Nagar SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Rajarajeshwari Nagar SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Residency Road SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay R M Nagar SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay R T Nagar SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay R V Road SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Sadashivnagar SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Seshadripuram SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Srinagar SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Subramanya Nagar SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Thippasandra SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Vidyaranyapuram 23645196 SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Vijay Nagar 22926552 SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Vishweshwara Puram 26619935 SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Whitefield 28453175 SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Wilson Garden 22231045 SIFY Wi-Zone
SIFY IWay Yelahanka 28462834 SIFY Wi-Zone
St. Marks Hotel 4/1 St. Marks Road   SIFY Wi-Zone
LINSOFT 695, 11th Cross, 5th Main, MC Layout, Vijaynagar   SIFY Wi-Zone
Iceware (FREE) Brigade Road SIFY Wi-Zone
FreeNet (FREE) 598 JP Nagar SIFY Wi-Zone
Bangalore Guest House No.562/640 Bangalore SIFY Wi-Zone
Luncheon Café Dickenson Road SIFY Wi-Zone
Any Cafe Day Coffee Shop   SIFY Wi-Zone
The Capitol Hotel
Rajbhavan Road 22281234 SIFY Wi-Zone
The Leela Palace Airport Road 25211234 SIFY Wi-Zone
The Bombay Stores M G Road SIFY Wi-Zone
The Millenia Ground Floor, Tower 'C' no 1 & 2, Murphy Road, Ulsoor SIFY Wi-Zone
The Ramanashree Hotel Raja Rammohan Roy Road SIFY Wi-Zone
The Tandoor 28 MG Road SIFY Wi-Zone
Windsor House Brigade Road   SIFY Wi-Zone






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