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A Refreshing Wildlife Sanctuary near Bangalore

The exhaustive list of all the national parks in India is not complete without the inclusion of the much celebrated Nagarhole national park. Alternatively known as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park, it is situated very cozily in the Mysore district of Karnataka. The Nagarhole National Park is just 643 kms away from the Bandipur national park. Be it the amazingly refreshing wildlife sanctuary or the amazingly picturesque landscape of Nagarhole, there is no way out than going "green". The amazing climatic pleasantness makes Nagarhole a very desirous place for those seeking tranquility and peace of mind. The exploration of the park involves walking through the nooks and crannies and getting to know the feel of the place. But visitors of any age group too can find something of interest here.

The attractions of the Nagarhole national park
Park safari or jungle safari is the best way to enjoy the whole of the Nagarhole national park. One can even get a pre customized safari in the wildlife sanctuary park. There is a nominal charge that is the fee for the safari experience, which is easily affordable by one and all. Even though the entry fee to the Nagarhole National park is free, one can not camp inside the park. This is majorly due to the presence of a fairly good number of wild animals in the area who roam about freely. The safaris are however closed during monsoons and the mating season of the animals. However, regular educational camps for children, school, etc are regularly conducted here.

Some of the activities to indulge in Nagarhole
Other than the most obvious indulgence of visiting and exploring the wildlife of the Nagarhole national park, some other activities that can be enjoyed in the wilderness of Nagarhole are:

Jeep Safaris

The forest department in Nagarhole offers grand minibus safari for all its visitors. Jeep safaris are also very popular for groups of visitors who have their own jeeps. Requisite permission of the officials is however needed. The overall time for the safaris is about 30 minutes, but it is totally worth it. There are even elephant rides which one can enjoy in the park. " BoatingBoating is a very exciting fun activity that can be indulged in the Nagarhole National Reserve. The Kabini River's backwater is very ideal for some crocodile sighting. The waters are pleasant and enjoyable in the company of friends and family." Animal and Bird WatchingNagarhole National Park has a lot of animal and bird wealth. Watching, observing and seeing them at close quarters are a pleasure. The many types of animals, birds and reptiles found in Nagarhole are summarized in detail in the next section. The wildlife
If we say that the Nagarhole national park houses or helps protect the wildlife of Karnataka, we are not majorly off the mark. One can find scores of animals in the park that are protected very well, just out of human reach. Let us categorically understand the various animal and bird species that the national park houses.

Animal species include:
Bengal Fox
Ruddy Mongoose
Indian Elephants
Indian Pangolins
Nilgiri Langur, Tigers
Leopard Cat
The rare four-horned Antelopes elephants

Rare Birds like:
King Vultures
Malabar Trogon
Indian Pittas
Paradise Flycatchers

Reptiles like:
vine snakes
common wolf snakes
rat snakes
bamboo pit vipers
Russell's viper
common krait
Indian rock python
Indian monitor lizard
The common toad.

Insects like:
more than 96 varied species of dung beetles
more than 60 species of ants
jumping ants
Harpegnathos saltator
Tetraponera rufonigra
common dung beetle
India's largest beetle, the Heliocopris dominus
Onthophagus pactolus.

Come away to explore lots more. The landscape is beautifully dotted with these animals and birds roaming freely, just out of the onlookers and visitors reach.

How to reach from Bangalore?
The nearest railway station is in Mysore, which is just 80 kms away. However, the Mysore station is well connected to Bangalore and thus one can choose either mode or route of transport. Bangalore is also well connected to the other major airports of India and abroad and thus the tourists can find it easy to reach the Nagarhole national park via Bangalore.

Best time to visit
The months from June to September are very good to indulge in short trips and explore the national park nicely. In the months from June to September, however, the climate would be cool but the heavy rains could impend the visits. Thus, come away on a suitable time and explore away!

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