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Amazing Landscape near Bangalore

Bored of visiting the clichéd popular places of Karnataka? Why not explore some amazing landscape near Bangalore this weekend? Being a nice little picturesque town of Karnataka, Makalidurga serves its purpose of rejuvenating the tired souls and making the visitors feel one with nature. Bird watchers, nature photographers and environment conservators find it a joy to come to Makalidurga every year and take in the blissful views of the landscape. There is a quiet mysticism to Makalidurga and every visitor who has ever been to the place would agree. Adventure enthusiasts will have a gala time exploring the many big and small granite outcrops that dot the landscape.

The beauty of the place
Makalidurga is beautifully bestowed with the best of nature. The perfect getaway for a fun filled, adventurous day out, Makalidurga makes sure that you are on your toes, learning and unlearning throughout your day there. Be it a team outing or just a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the normal routine life, Makalidurga offers the best respite. Bangalore's robust and fun loving crowd can find a nice weekend escapade to Makalidurga.

Activities to indulge in
This place is a haven for adventure freaks as well as the tourists. Trekking, camping, rappelling, etc can be undertaken almost any time of the year. By and large, the place is famous for its varied fun and sporty adventure activities like:

Rock climbing
Hill climbing
Raft building
River Crossing
Burma Bridge
Bullock cart ride
Kite flying
Zip line
Vine traversing;

Makalidurga offers the best to all its visitors. For those who just are in search of a place to explore their own souls can visit the fort which lay in ruins but is simply beautiful. There are many trek routes that one can follow and go into the wilderness uninhibited. Trekking expeditions are undertaken in numerous numbers because the place is well explored in its entirety by walking through its every big and small nook and cranny. A wonderful past time for all visitors to the place.



Places of interest
The landscape of Makalidurga is lush with greenery and thus one can enjoy the breeze on the way leading to the top of Makalidurga hilltops. Other places of interest and worth visiting include:

  • There is a quaint little granite hillock, which is nestled amidst chains of mountains. The place is very popular for rock climbing.
  • Ghati Subramanya, a well-known and popular pilgrimage centre, attracts the major crowds of Makalidurga. There is a nice serenity and quietness to the pilgrimage centre that urges one to sit down and meditate.
  • There is a huge Makali Durga Fort that visitors can explore at length. A beautiful fort, almost in ruins, but still very beautiful and charming for exploration.
  • There is the availability of resorts too for those who believe in living it up in style. These are well maintained resorts that offer the visitors group packages that include escorted tours to the famous nooks of Makalidurga.
  • The Makalidurga temples as well as the Lepakshi temple are serene and simple, yet very enchanting and tranquil. A must visit for all the elderly and religious crowds.
  • The wide lakes near the Hillock River too are crystal clear and glassy looking. The best way to enjoy these waters is by sitting quietly or just watching the fishes swim by.

Best time to visit
The place is ideal for visiting at any time of the year. Since rock climbing is a major sport here, it becomes too hot in summer, and thus rock climbing is undertaken early in the mornings in summers.

Reaching from Bangalore
The nearest airport is the Bangalore international airport. Makalidurga is located almost 60 kms away from Bangalore. One can make a road trip from the city on a fine weekend and ride up to Makalidurga in a private vehicle or bus. Thrillophilia is one company which organizes such adventure trips across India. Get in touch.

Thrillophilia- Adventure Travel India is one company which organizes such adventure trips across India. Get in touch.

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